Thursday, May 14, 2015

Animal Video choosing

My first option was the arctic fox because even though it was still 3 months old and left a lone so that he can survive by his own he makes it.  He makes it through 6 months of survival even though neither he has his mother or father. To find food he needs to travel over 60 miles until he probably can see or spot something. One on five pups will survive meaning one fifth chance probability. This is a fight or die adventure.

My second choice was the Kangaroo because its traits are very interesting. The Kangaroos depends if they are strong and agile are ranked by the females so its the leader of the pack. The little Kangaroo called a Joey is trained since little to fight and he needs to grow up to be tall agile and very strong. The packs leader will be eventually challenged by a new and stronger leader so that he can defeat the other and mate with all the females in the pack.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Leopard past present future

Past:  The saber tooth cat was the past of the leopard it was very big and has a very interesting characteristic that has the fangs (teeth) very big and large the fossils of the saber tooth coincide with the leopard with the matches of the skull and the whole body but in difference the leopard is smaller and more agile to run and find prey.

Present: The leopard has developed new traits, for example lighter body, smaller skin and also smaller skull. In difference from the saber tooth  the leopard has adapted to live in hot areas and can maintain very large temperatures. They adapted to live in hot areas because there skin got lighter and and not so suitable for cold weather. In hot areas the leopard can run large distances and not getting tired. Now a days the leopard is one of the fastest animals on earth living most in Africa and other hot countries areas They learn to survive by running and catching large preys for there familys.

Future: The leopard will developed to be very small and adapt to both cold and hot weather and is not any more becoming a wild animal it is going to become a pet for families around the world even though its a pet it would be carnivore still and would care only for meet this animal would evolve later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

video questions

Overproduction: Overproduction is when an animal start to reproduce and reproduce and the population is out of control. For example the fish in Galapagos Island that are overgrowing its own population and its keeping on so that it will grow much more.

Variation: Variation is a variate of different animals but there a lot of different species in Galapagos Island there a lot of variation in all the animals. For example the Iguanas that are one same species but they are a lot of different types.

Adaptation: Adaptation is a normal cycle of an animal life because they need to get used to the area or the climate that they are living in. The Turtles usually lives in the ocean but in this case they now need to adapt to the heat and the land of the Galapagos Island.

Selection: Selection is the type of species that the animals have and that the island have. For example the Island.

Speciation: Speciation is the animals and there species that all the animals are in the Island. For example the plants are the species of the island and the plants can have offspring witch may use in the plants ways.

Isolation: Isolated is that is kept away. The Island is isolated and its good because the animals dont have predators so that they can evolve by them selves its good for the island ecosystem.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Stem Cells

                                                                    Stem cells

Many people wonder of what is the right choice, but now I know what is the correct choice, Immoral stem cells are discovering a way to make the human body live longer and to re create body parts or even deceases that you have or that you would in heritage in a couple of years. This is an advantage that science is discovering for us.

Stem cells are un specialized, means that they don't have a specific job. There are two different types of stem cells, first is the embryonic cell that can make any type of cell for example blood cell, muscle cell heart cell and many more. The other is adult stem cell that create less cells that are very hard to find. We can get a stem cell by the sperm and the egg that creates the zygote witch creates the embryo  that is the stem cell.

People are in favor of immoral stem cells because immoral cells are helping people fight a  lot of deceases and to help the human body live longer. The human body is technically designed to survive 110 years but we decide to take it off by drinking smoking or eating the inproper food, know the science lab in California is trying the immoral stem cells to a 3 month newborn baby so that those cells can help him to have a healthy life and to live for about 105 years. When they needed to consult the experiment and the permission of the mom she said that if this is the new cure for the newborn baby's the human race would have a bright future from now. The Human species would benefit from this cells because it could take the life of each of us in our hands.

My opinion is that if science could really get through this discovery the human race would evolve in a way that we couldn't expect from happening. Science lab in California proved that if the stem cells do really work the human brain would evolve and this type of discovering would happen every day.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Questions of cells Summative

1. The influences are more in your genes of nature because your parents reproduced and when they have the baby the both 50% of there genes goes in to you and it wouldn't be nurture because your genes are sexually produced and then applied to you which is naturally done. This goes through the process of creating the baby in the girls body, with no supplement needed for the growing and the creation of the baby.

2. If DNA  does not copy itself correctly the cells would form mutations that could be in many reasons good bad or just wouldn't affect the cells, but in many cases the mutation would be bad and could cause many different deceases such as cancer. Cancer is caused by many different cells going through mitosis and that they cant stop reproducing so it cant stop and then forms a tumor that may o may not be good or bad cancer. Also if the DNA would be different it would cause that you would have many different characteristics that you already have.

3. First the advantage of asexual reproduction is that when you are conceived you grow to be a baby in only 4 months while a human baby would last about 9 months in the parent!  But the disadvantage is that you would look exactly like your parent and if your parent would have other children they would look exactly the same as you. The advantage of sexual reproduction is that when you are in your parent body all there nutrients go to you and the disadvantage is that you take 9 months to be born,

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I think it is really important that each cell has the same DNA because then the cells would be mixed up and you would have a lot of parts in your hole body that wouldnt look a like and you would look like a complete mess, so thats why it is really important that all your chromosomes and your cells are the same.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Picture responses

1 Because it would be considered for there ancesters and the poblation around the location.

2 It is posible that the offspring has a characteristic that the parents doesnt have because it would affect also by the caracteristics of the grandfather or grand mother.