Tuesday, April 21, 2015

video questions

Overproduction: Overproduction is when an animal start to reproduce and reproduce and the population is out of control. For example the fish in Galapagos Island that are overgrowing its own population and its keeping on so that it will grow much more.

Variation: Variation is a variate of different animals but there a lot of different species in Galapagos Island there a lot of variation in all the animals. For example the Iguanas that are one same species but they are a lot of different types.

Adaptation: Adaptation is a normal cycle of an animal life because they need to get used to the area or the climate that they are living in. The Turtles usually lives in the ocean but in this case they now need to adapt to the heat and the land of the Galapagos Island.

Selection: Selection is the type of species that the animals have and that the island have. For example the Island.

Speciation: Speciation is the animals and there species that all the animals are in the Island. For example the plants are the species of the island and the plants can have offspring witch may use in the plants ways.

Isolation: Isolated is that is kept away. The Island is isolated and its good because the animals dont have predators so that they can evolve by them selves its good for the island ecosystem.

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