Thursday, May 14, 2015

Animal Video choosing

My first option was the arctic fox because even though it was still 3 months old and left a lone so that he can survive by his own he makes it.  He makes it through 6 months of survival even though neither he has his mother or father. To find food he needs to travel over 60 miles until he probably can see or spot something. One on five pups will survive meaning one fifth chance probability. This is a fight or die adventure.

My second choice was the Kangaroo because its traits are very interesting. The Kangaroos depends if they are strong and agile are ranked by the females so its the leader of the pack. The little Kangaroo called a Joey is trained since little to fight and he needs to grow up to be tall agile and very strong. The packs leader will be eventually challenged by a new and stronger leader so that he can defeat the other and mate with all the females in the pack.

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  1. Fantastic work! I would love to see more like this in future.