Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Leopard past present future

Past:  The saber tooth cat was the past of the leopard it was very big and has a very interesting characteristic that has the fangs (teeth) very big and large the fossils of the saber tooth coincide with the leopard with the matches of the skull and the whole body but in difference the leopard is smaller and more agile to run and find prey.

Present: The leopard has developed new traits, for example lighter body, smaller skin and also smaller skull. In difference from the saber tooth  the leopard has adapted to live in hot areas and can maintain very large temperatures. They adapted to live in hot areas because there skin got lighter and and not so suitable for cold weather. In hot areas the leopard can run large distances and not getting tired. Now a days the leopard is one of the fastest animals on earth living most in Africa and other hot countries areas They learn to survive by running and catching large preys for there familys.

Future: The leopard will developed to be very small and adapt to both cold and hot weather and is not any more becoming a wild animal it is going to become a pet for families around the world even though its a pet it would be carnivore still and would care only for meet this animal would evolve later.

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